Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just some thoughts

I have not posted in a while, so I thought I would just drop a line here to let everyone know what is going on. Recently, I was hit with something my MIS guy called the AC360 virus. Basically, crashed my PC. It has taken a couple of weeks, but we got it running again. We had reinstalled the OS that came with the system, but every time we tried to validate the software, it came back as a bogus copy. So, either HP sold me hot software, or something went wrong somewhere. Either way, I am up again. Additionally, I have been sick, my wife has been sick, my boy was sick and now has pink eye. YUM! Model building has been on the back burner. However, I have had a brainstorm for the Templar...and can't wait to play with it a bit this week. I have completed one leg and am going to cast it in resin to ensure that both legs match. My big problem is that the torso looks too small for the legs...but the mini is like that as well. Hopefully, I will have some pics up soon.
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