Sunday, November 29, 2009

I still don't like it...

Judge for yourself...I still don't like it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And Geert's Kit Fox from Ravenstar

Geert's Timberwolf

In Geert's own words...
Released by: Armorcast Full Resin kit

Status: Currently out of production
Build up:
This one received a lot of love in the build process:
• added the "aftermarket" large size LRM-20 pods
• scratch build the small laser on the left side of the torso
• plugged the MG holes in the lower torso that aren't used
• repositioning of the toes
• removing the sops in the 'knee' area to move the leg
The TWolf was my first attempt at the hairspray method. I basically started out with a primer from Alclad (light grey) and painted the entire model using Alclad II metalizers. Once these where dry I sealed it with gloss varnish and P+ (being Future in the USA). After that was allowed to cure for a few days I sprayed hairspray, sprayed the base coat of German Grey and added the 3 tone camo. Once this was allowed to dry I took some luke water and scratched the entire mech. This gives a very realistic looking weathering.

After that I weathered the entire mech with oil paints, added the custom-made Falcon Decals and sealed it with Satin sealer.

The windows where achieved with Tamiya Clear paint. I started out with Tamiya Aluminum, the a fine layer (brush painted) of Clear orange, after that, clear green, clear red, clear blue all brush painted (Between each layer wait sufficient time to allow to dry). In total it received 15 or 16 layers to achieve the high gloss finish I have now. I never sealed it with any varnish, so I think it gives a nice dimension

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

How Geert Weathers his Mechs

When I first looked over Geert's work, I was fascinated with his weathering results.  He has shared how he gets this worn look on his mechs using...of all things...hairspray.

Here is a downloadble PDF where Geert describes how he gets these results.  Please, be kind to him...English is not has native tongue.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Geert's Atlas

In Geert's own words:

AS7 Atlas

Released by: Armorcast Full Resin kit
Status: Currently out of production

Build up:
The kit was build straight out of the box. Only changes made where:

• The dynamic pose, by removing the "stops" at the toes and drilling another peg hole in the knee.

• Updating the 3025-era medium arm lasers to 3050-era large lasers using a wooden dowel.

The entire model was primed with Tamiya light grey primer and pre-shaded with Valejo black. After that the different panels where sprayed in using Tamiya Flat Red (thinned to about 50 paint/50 thinner) in different passages.

Once this was done, the hard edges where accentuated with a fine pointed brush dapped in flat black, washed with diluted raw umber and dry brushed with metal color.

House Kurita decals where home made using decal paper and a laser printer with spare "3"-decals from some fighter kit.

Legs where dusted with the airbrush and launch tubes where weathered using a brush.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Original Coolness

Okay, so the month of Geert takes another side track; however, I have to share this build.  Nathan, one of our members, has been scratch building a Dark Age style mech for the better part of a year.  He forwarded some pics to me and I just have to share them.  This is an incredible build. I am really in awe of his work.  Here is the mech in his own words....

I want to say {this mech is an} assualt class. I liked the madcat Mk2 and worked off of that but with some modifications. I used shadow cat type feet and the legs are a lot like the MW4 vulture. The cockpit is a lot like a bushwhacker I think. I used parts from gundam, and the leg and ankle joints are from RoboGear’s T-Rex. That was the funny thing, I was going to make a modified RoboGear T-Rex and it turned into that. I think it came out a little pit more than I expected

Here are the spec’s I was going for.

Modified Rotary Long Tom x2
Rotary AC5 x2
Thunderbolt launchers x2
Small pulse micro lasers x2
95 to 100 tons
Speed: Cruse 65 kph, Top 85 kph

I also put a anti-missile system on it as well. The markings are from the Dark Age saga: a paladin of the Republic. I’ve been working on names, Im thinking…BlackCat.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Okay...have not forgotten the month of Geert.  I have just been miserably sick and the slice on the thumb has just made things worse.  The most I have the energy to do is sit here and type occasionally.  I promise some pics this week.  Promise.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2009-The month of GEERT

So, we have a few members who are creators of kits...and others who are builders.  Geert is a builder and boy, does he build.  I recently asked him to send me some pics...anything he has.  Well, he came through with flying colors. So, November is the "Month of Geert".  I will dedicate the majority of this months posts to Geert's work.  To start off, here are some teaser pics.  I plan to post his different builds together, this is just an appetizer.  Thanks my friend!