Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Absence

Sorry about my absence folks. I have been taking a Graduate course over the summer...Experimental Immunology.  It is a five week course and the work load has been overwhelming.  In addition to being in class 5 hours a day and 2 hours of traveling, I try to study 2 or so hours a all the little projects that have gone along with the course.  However, this is the last week (3 tests) and then I have a week or so off.

In that week off, I am planning on doing reviews of the new Thor and Wolverine kits from Ravenstar.  He has said he is sending them out this week.  I am waiting with great anticipation.

Another project I plan on tackling is revamping the Loki to more closely match the Thor...once I get a Thor as a reference.

Stay tuned!
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