Monday, October 29, 2012

Daishi Kit

Ok everyone, I have broken the Daishi down into pieces and have sent the info to the caster for a quote.  I am hoping to keep it to about $125 per kit...but this is a BIG kit...on par with the Atlas when it comes to the amount of resin.  I have asked to have the torso hollow cast because that would be way to heavy for the legs if is is solid.

Like last time, this will be a pre-order deal.  If the requisite number of pre-orders are not filled then the kit won't be cast...and those who have pre-ordered will get a full refund.  Also, if you pre-ordered the Cougar, you will receive a discount on this kit with a paid pre-order or a free 1/60 scale Elemental (I saved all the invoices...I know who you are!).  I will decide which to do.

More to come....
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