Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daishi Update...and other stuff

I heard from the caster and it will be a little longer on the Daishi.  It is really taking time to hollow-cast the main body of the beastie.

On a few other notes, I still cannot get this thing to upload photos through IE9.  I am getting so frustrated I may just switch to FireFox permanently. 

I want to post some photos later of the latest commission build I am doing.  This one is a 1/60 scale Victor.  I really need to reconsider my pricing as (once again) I seriously undercharged for the time it is taking.  I may make the equivalent of about $5.50 an hour labor...less than minimum wage at McDonalds, but way more fun!  But here is the thing...when someone wants a scratch-built mech, I have a real hard time telling them it would be $500 or so. Most people would shy away from that...I know I would. I don't know...

The Poll results seem to have been split down the middle, so what I may do is Publish the main articles on my personal blog (with one follower...not even my wife at that) and link to it from here.  Cool things might include cigar reviews (as I do love a good cigar), recipes, interesting news articles and the like. Who knows, I may even use it as a place to bitch every now and again.

More later once I have a chance to play with FireFox.

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