Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Cougar

SOLD! Thanks to all who e-mailed.

When I did the final run of Cougars, I kept coming up 2 short.   I do inventory everything when it comes in from the caster so I know I got them. I went through shipping receipts and all my other documentation but could not find a trace of the last 2 Cougars.  This morning my wife brings me a box telling me she had it in her hobby room...she thought it was just a box of packing peanuts.  What's in the box?  Two Cougars!  Huzzah!  As a professional courtesy, I am sending a copy to a fellow kit maker which means I have one last Kit. $100 gets it shipped to you in the lower 48 states...add $10 if you want it shipped internationally.  If no one here is interested, it will go on....(cold shiver)....eBay. I know it will sell for a lot on eBay, I just hate their fees.   Contact me if interested.
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