Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vulture Update

As you know, the Vulture that was acquired was a prototype for a line of toys ReSaurus Toys wanted to do for MW4. The owner really wanted to preserve the paint job on this prototype, so when he sent it to me I only patched a couple really large and noticeable voids and built some missing pieces (arms and mounts).  The dark paint job hid a world of evils.  The Vultures have been delayed because the original is having to be rebuilt. Here are some pics to let you see why the rebuild, hence the delay, is necessary. I know we originally planned a 30 day turn around that has stretched to around 90, but trust me when I say it will be worth it. As a side note, we noticed these issues AFTER the first molds had been made and the first casts were pulled.  It was then the caster went back and primed the kit and we discovered "...what a piece of junk!" this prototype was. I am surprised JPG did not pack this kit up with a note saying, "F*ck you!" and send it back to me.

 You can see in this pic the air bubble voids that were revealed when the original dark paint job was primed. This is one of the toes on the mech.

 Here is the corrected toe.

 This is one of the chin mounted guns. You can see the mold line from when this was originally cast.  That had to go unless you wanted a double mold line.
Here is the corrected piece. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scott's Catapult

I just got Scott's Catapult and I am impressed. This is a well engineered kit.  Two chimpanzees and a trainee could build it! Sorry, old Trek reference.   Anyway, the kit is available through Scott at his Messy Desk Blog. I am not sure what he is charging, but if you can lay your hands on one (or two, or three) of these you should. I wish I could get my missile holes as nice as his.

Now, to try and get my hands on some of Simon's stuff.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Kit Announcement: Deimos

UPDATE: The first round of castings has been spoken for and invoices sent out.  I will post here when we have more available.

Good day everyone!  Let me ask, what would you pay for a 1/60 scale Deimos?  You may have seen in other posts that our friend overseas, the Mad 'Mech Doctor (aka Dr. Banzai) has created a 1/60 scale Deimos. I received a copy last week and I am in awe.  This kit blows away my kits and even the older Armorcast stuff.  Granted, if I had a degree in engineering and the workshop MMD has, I could do stuff like this to...but I don't and he does. 

Anyway, I have convinced him to offer up a few to the Battlemech Club community.  This will be a very limited release.  At this point, I have convinced him to cast up 10.

Pricing:  $125.00 covers the kit and shipping from overseas.

So, who is in?  For details, feel free to contact me directly.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Large Scale Battletech Rules

Good Morning.  I know many of you buy these mechs for Large Scale Tabletop Battletech games.  One of your brothers, Sam, has been working on some rules for Large Scale Tabletop Battletech.  He sent me a .pdf to share with everyone.

Here is a link to it: Large Scale B-Tech Rules

If you would like to contact Sam, give me a shout and I will share his e-mail address with you.

Also, pursuant to supporting large scale table-top gamers, I am working on support pieces.  First up is going to be a Calliope Turret.  This one is closer to 1/40 scale, but to me it makes sense that a self-contained turret would have to be fairly large to store enough missiles to make it an effective battlefield piece.