Friday, August 2, 2013

Large Scale Battletech Rules

Good Morning.  I know many of you buy these mechs for Large Scale Tabletop Battletech games.  One of your brothers, Sam, has been working on some rules for Large Scale Tabletop Battletech.  He sent me a .pdf to share with everyone.

Here is a link to it: Large Scale B-Tech Rules

If you would like to contact Sam, give me a shout and I will share his e-mail address with you.

Also, pursuant to supporting large scale table-top gamers, I am working on support pieces.  First up is going to be a Calliope Turret.  This one is closer to 1/40 scale, but to me it makes sense that a self-contained turret would have to be fairly large to store enough missiles to make it an effective battlefield piece.
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