Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another week gone...

You know, I HATE Internet Explorer.  I upgraded to IE 11 and it does not like Blogger...and since I deleted Firefox, I may have to go back to IE 10.

Just spoke to the caster at length.  He is dedicating this week to the Mad Cat MK II.  Soon, everyone...soon. As always, your patience is appreciated.  Really, though....from his perspective...he did not get it until the second week of February and could not start until the end of February. But, since we paid in late January, our clocks have been ticking longer.

The Uziel is about done and is going to go to the caster this week.  Can you say "Heck Yeah!"  I grow weary of the stress of pre-orders...I may just pay out of pocket and try to recoup my funds.  The special pre-order pricing.  Do you mind the wait to get the pre-order specials I have been offering?  The Uziel will be around the same price as the Vulture MK II...a little less resin, but lots more smaller pieces and that means more labor.

Also, I have decided on my summer offering.  Since we did the Vulture MK II last summer, how about the MK IV this summer?

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