Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update: Now with Pics!

All Bushwacker pre-orders have shipped and the kit is now available in the store. International ordering has become more streamlined and I can do it all on-line now.  No more hour long trips to the Post Office.  Huzzah!

Project Dervish is almost done...there are just a few tweeks to make like the missile tips and some extra detail on the head. Yesterday I finally assembled the kit and I am happy with this one. It stands about an inch or so taller than the Bushwacker and Uziel. Mass wise, it seems to fit in nicely. I will open a pre-order for it soon. I am going back to doing the pre-orders old school. If there are not enough pre-orders in the pre-order period, then the kit won't see production.

It looks wobbly, but that is a result of the balanced ball and socket ankles. 
Only one arm as the left/right arms will be interchangeable. 

Again, I did not take the time to perfectly align the ball and socket hips
I really like the way the laser with undercarriage SRM2s worked out.

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