Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One of my recent projects has been to rework the Masakari.  Here are pics of the original build-up.

This was never intended to be a kit and it had lots of issues.  Issues? What issues, you say.  Well...

1. Connection between legs and torso...lame
2. Cannons/PPCs...too skinny
3. Lower legs...backside too skinny
4. Arms lacked detail

So, here is a pic of the parts I am satisfied with...
1. Made the hip connection more "Daishi" style
2. Two fattened-up barrel types
3. Reworked the lower legs to have more mass
4. Complete rework of arms, upper and lower
5. Unlike the Daishi, this will have tabs at the feet/leg connection points rather than the old flat mating surface
6. Re-detailed legs so they will be a bit different from the Daishi

This might actually make a good kit someday.

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