Saturday, February 7, 2015

Non Sequitur

It does not follow....6 months ago I said I was scaling back production yet production is back in full swing. Currently, there are 3 kits in rubber or slated to be in rubber very soon. How soon?  Within weeks. Dervish restock?  On the way. The Mauler has been commissioned.  The Thor has been commissioned.  I am currently muddling my way through an Amorcast Vulture build. Hybrid Atlas? Started yesterday...actually took a day off to work on projects. If Karma is real, I must have done something right in my past that has outweighed all my colossal screw-ups.

Pictures?  Keep them coming.  Any pics of my older kits?  Adder?  Cougar? Daishi?

Speaking of the Daishi, that is on the list of future re-releases. I came across a drawing of the Daishi from the Wizkids Hero Clix Diashi. Thoughts? I like it but the grill on the front looks like a Cylon. 
On a sad note, the Uziel is officially done.  The molds are not pulling nice casts and its just not worth re-molding at this time. 
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