Monday, April 13, 2015

Regiment: Assemble!

For a long time, I have wanted to have a color scheme for BMC...and a unit logo.  Well, here is what I have so far.

This is the primary logo.  It is a mesh of the original FASA logo and FASA Studios logo.  I figure since they are the inspiration for a lot of the work I do, it was only fitting. 

Not sure of the name of this Company yet, but they are the "line-holders." Once we have a piece of real estate, we don't like giving it up.  That is where these guys would come in. This company is primarily heavy and assault units.
Patton's Third Army...move fast, hit hard.  That is the concept this company is designed around. They call themselves "The Third." They are combined arms...aerospace, infantry and mechs...mediums and fast heavies...with the occasional "fast" assault a Mad Cat MK II. 

This company evolved on it's own, really. There is a distinct Clan influence here...martial prowess and indoctrination in all things military. No surprise as all of the lance commanders in this unit are Clanners. They pride themselves on military protocol, history, tactics, and battlefield skill and expect that of all their mechwarriors.They adopted the Spartan imagery as they feel it represents their mindset best...and avoids any clan connections. 

Our "field" color scheme is a Sky Gray with occasional darker highlights. Currently, there is no "Parade" scheme...although since we have so many Mechwarriors from House and Clan units, it has been suggested that Mechwarriors be allowed to pay homage to their former units by painting a swath of their mech in those original colors. 
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