Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fafnir Update

As I mentioned some time ago, a client requested a rebuild of the Fafnir with the intent of kitting this beast.  Here is a quick is about half done at the moment.  Legs: check! Feet: Check! Hip: Check! Now I am working the upper body.  I have made two different cockpits for it and had considered two different gun/arm options...however, as this will be a kit adding too many option parts will drive up the cost of an already expensive model so I think we will go with the "original" look.  I am bulding many of the parts to be identical to my worked.
Upper leg.  There won't be much articulation.  I learned a hard lesson with the Warhawk about weak legs and a heavy torso.

New style cockpit.

Old style...yes, I fixed the upper's not crooked anymore.

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