Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mechwarrior Online Atlas preview

The first MWO Atlas came in today for me to approve...and it looks good.  For those that qualified for the "I had to wait 7 months for the Vulture MK IV" discount, you are getting this for a steal.  Jimi at JPG really discounted this thing for taking so long on the MK IV...and that discount got passed along to you. This amount of resin and number of parts would easily retail for around $200.

Take a to come. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Well, well, well.  The Owens and the Fafnir are both at the caster.  Expect the Owens first...then the Fafnir.  Fair warning, the Fafnir is going to take a lot of resin and the pieces are big which means big mold which means lots of rubber. Count on this bad boy coming in at about $200. Start saving your pennies today. 

The Thor is back in stock.

Not sure when I will restock the Warhawk.  The last couple units sold where in a "fire sale" and I am not sure I feel like having pricey inventory sitting on the shelf, especially when the money can go into new products. 

The same is true of the Vulture MK IV.  I still have 2 of the original 25 just sitting here collecting dust.