Friday, May 27, 2016

Another general update

Well, some good news on the Large Scale Battletech front...the Templar has been officially commissioned (official meaning a down payment has been made) and the buyer has agreed to let me kit it. Jumped into that last weekend. I cut more plastic in one day then I have in months, I do believe. Additionally, the Mad Cat I started and put away has been picked up as a commission. Apparently, one of you lads REALLY wanted to see that become a kit as well. I am thinking the MWO arms would look good on it....maybe. That or arms similar to the Vulture MK II.

On the Fafnir front, the caster is making GOOD progress. He has been sending me pics but I am hesitant to share them. Every caster has his/her own way of doing things and I have NEVER seen a caster use a process like this guy is using. Based on the pics and his explanations, I think this may actually be one of the most bubble-free kits to date. He said I should have a prototype in hand in a week or so. When I get it, pics will be posted.