Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daishi Revival: Sold out

Jimi Glancy Jr. has been going through his stash of molds and thinks we can get a few more decent casts of the Daishi. This will be a VERY limited run...when the molds are dead, so is the kit production. Anyone interested? I am thinking around $150? The first 5 pre-orders will be guaranteed a kit.  After that, it depends on how the molds last. This is another of those resin hogs...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fafnir down...and out.

The Fanir masters are back...I can't even find the right words for the level of damage. I am just looking at the parts and don't know where to start. It, quite literally, makes me sick to my stomach to see the condition this thing is in.

I can see parts that could not handle the pressure he put on the mold rubber. The hip part looks completely crushed...and that was reinforced with expanding foam.  The parts that were reinforced with resin were damaged as well.  It is almost as if the rubber would not release from the plastic and tore the plastic off of the underlying resin. 

And of the parts that seem usable...the primer I used is all wrinkled up and peeling off.  It looks like it was treated with a stripping agent. I don't know how I would fix that other than sanding/stripping it down to bare plastic. 

I am just not seeing a whole lot that is salvageable...and to be honest, the thought of having to go back and rework this thing makes me sick.  All the time and effort put into building this thing...wasted. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fafnir Cancelled

I received a rather unfortunate message from the caster doing the Fafnir. This puts me in one hell of a bind. Not only have about 15 of you pre-ordered...but this was a commission piece that was paid for...not to mention the time that Brian Ware put into the plaques. Now, I have no product to sell and no master to send to the person that originally commissioned it. I should be able to offer refunds to those that pre-ordered and for Anthony...I will have to rebuild the Fafnir pretty much from scratch. Here is the message that just made my morning....

I am encountering massive problems. If there were a few issues, I would have handled them and moved forward. In this case, the problems are large enough and numerous enough that I need you to think things over and consider your options.

Big picture-
1. The volume of resin these parts are using will require an adjustment in my quote.

2. I found many cavities in your parts but not all of them- on most of the major parts seemed robust enough to handle some pressure. But the pressurized mold rubber found a way into your masters. I had to extract your masters in pieces.
- Normally the master being destroyed is not a disaster. A copy can be used as a new master and the mold simply remade. Not so in this case.

3. In each of the large pieces the masters were also crushed or twisted. I now have molds that produce twisted, "dented" versions of the originals.

With all but the very small parts, we are back to square one on this project. No good molds, no good masters either.

Please be watching your PayPal...if you received an invoice & paid it, you are receiving money transfers from me.  Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow you to refund an invoice after 30 days so I cannot get the PayPal fees refunded to me...I will have to eat those.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Surprise! Next Kit Reveal

Pics will speak for me....pre-order coming soon.