Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fafnir down...and out.

The Fanir masters are back...I can't even find the right words for the level of damage. I am just looking at the parts and don't know where to start. It, quite literally, makes me sick to my stomach to see the condition this thing is in.

I can see parts that could not handle the pressure he put on the mold rubber. The hip part looks completely crushed...and that was reinforced with expanding foam.  The parts that were reinforced with resin were damaged as well.  It is almost as if the rubber would not release from the plastic and tore the plastic off of the underlying resin. 

And of the parts that seem usable...the primer I used is all wrinkled up and peeling off.  It looks like it was treated with a stripping agent. I don't know how I would fix that other than sanding/stripping it down to bare plastic. 

I am just not seeing a whole lot that is salvageable...and to be honest, the thought of having to go back and rework this thing makes me sick.  All the time and effort put into building this thing...wasted. 

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