Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Templar Update

Start saving your pennies. The Templar is 99% done...just some clean-up here and there that you don't catch until you prime it. The pre-order will open as soon as George Takacs at Timeslip gets the Wolfhounds out (he has only had the masters for a week...give the lad time folks). These pics are the upper body in the "prime" configuration...Gauss in one arm, Large Pulse and Med Pulse in the other with two ER medium lasers in the torso and the SRM 4 on the shoulder. The shields are separate pieces (not pictured...primer is curing). The blurry pic is included just to show the parts layout...sorry about that. Height is about 3/4 to 1" shorter than the Armorcast Atlas.

Wolfhound Pre-order is CLOSED!

Any outstanding invoices must be paid within the next 7 days or they will be cancelled and you will have to buy one at full retail.

A HUGE thanks to all those who participated and supported the production of the 'mech and thanks to Sir Malcolm for allowing me to cast his commission.