Shadow Cat Build Notes

Before assembly, thoroughly clean all parts in warm water with a mildly abrasive cleaner like Ajax, Softscrub or Comet. This will cleanse any additional mold release and allow paints to adhere to the surface.  Remove flash or over pour with a razor knife or saw.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you test fit all pieces before final assembly.

NOTE:  The hip is a ball-and-socket design.  This is only to give the builder more posing options when building.  It IS NOT designed to remain unsecured. Once the builder decides on a pose, it is strongly recommended that the joint be secured with CA or some other type of super-glue. Similarly, the knee joint is a pin design but not meant to be left unsecured by some type of glue.
Parts Layout

Glue sides to main body.  These areas should line up as seen.

Main Body Assembled. 

Arm Assembly.  3 Pieces.

Parts for legs.

Toes attached.  I would use a thick epoxy for the front to rather than CA.

Note the telescoping pin.  The one with the line goes to the outside.

Pin from the inside of the leg. This smaller pin will need to be sanded down about  1/8". 

Assembled leg.  Note pins sit flush against leg. I would use an thick epoxy to attache the foot to the lower leg.

Legs plug into the hip.  Once you have your pose, glue.

Torso added.  Again, once you have your pose, glue or replace tab with magnets.

Final Assembly. 

My only complaint is the pour stub under the cockpit detail but easily dealt with using a file.

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