Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kodiak 1/60 Scale Kit

For Sale!  I have one Kodiak kit left over from the pre-sale period.  I don't intend to produce any more of these kits this year.  If you didn't get in on it, now is your chance.

Price for this 11" tall, 3 pound resin beast is $225 plus shipping. 

E-mail me if you are interested....

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mad Dog 2019 Edition Pre-Order Closed

UPDATE: I have reached the maximum number of pre-orders and am closing it.  Any kits available after pre-orders are filled will be listed in the Marketplace.

Thanks for supporting this project!

In 2017 I offered an upgraded version of the Mad Cat that was somewhere between the original version and the overly beefy MWO (MechWarrior Online) version. Ever since I have wanted to do a Mad Dog to go along with it. Now, I am making it available to you guys.

The arm lasers will have two options. The one pictured is the MWO style lasers. The kit will also include more traditional round laser emitters like the Mad Cat has. You can use one or the other or mix and match!

As I am now molding my own stuff, it will take a bit longer than when TimeSlip was doing my kits. I can promise, it won't be Kodiak long! I would estimate I would start shipping kits within about 6 weeks of the pre-order closing.

Here are some pics...there is still a little touch-up work to do. As many of you know, when you hit it with primer, all the little things you missed pop out. There is one pic that has some of my other mechs to give you an idea of scale. 

Don't forget, I do build-ups as well.  If you want one built up for you, tell me what you want and I can include a quote.  If you commission me to build the kit, you will get a 20% discount on the purchase of the Mad Dog. 

Again, e-mail me if you are would like in on the pre-order.  Paypal only, is the most secure way for my customers. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Firestarter Commission Available for Pre-order

Good morning everyone.  The patron who commissioned the Classic Firestarter has given me the green-light to produce and sell a limited quantity of them.  The kit stands about 7" tall will be around 16 pressure cast resin parts.  Much like the cast-on-demand kits, I will be molding and casting this one personally so the turn-around time should be 4-5 weeks...unlike the 6 month Kodiak process.  If you are interested, it will be $120 plus shipping.  Please e-mail me to request your invoice!  Carry on, mechwarriors. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Coming Soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog.  I have been using...ugh...Facebook a lot more of late.  It is just easier to snap pictures with the tablet and upload them to FB whereas to use Blogger I have to download stuff to the desktop PC, deal with blogger....yadda, yadda, yadda.

Anyway in the next few months I have a lot in the pipeline.  First off is a commission piece that I have been given permission to cast.  The Classic Battletech Firestarter mech.  The patron allowed me to play with the design a bit, but he really wanted me to retain as much of the TRO look as possible...and that skirt was no possible, lol.    Look for that to be available to pre-order in a few weeks. 

After almost 6 years, the Annihilator is being kitted.  Here is a picture of the test cast from the torso mold...probably the hardest part to make.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Another client has commissioned the ill-fated Fafnir.  In case you don't remember, years ago I was having a hard time getting good casters to do my kits.  I tried a company called CelticWorks and it was a disaster. It looked like rather than de-gassing the rubber, he decided to pressure mold the parts.  Well, all my parts are hollow and cannot handle 65 PSI.  All the parts were crushed...the patterns destroyed. The client that initially commissioned the piece has asked to have another go at it so look for it this summer.

And finally, I have acquired the rights to produce the Stormcrow.  Many moons ago, a Canadian artist was commissioned by Armorcast to make the Stormcrow to go with their other kits.  Well, things did not work out with Armorcast and the kit never saw production.  The artist sold a few to some of us die-hards but that was about it.  Ravenstar Studios tried re-casting them last year but we got that shut down.  The artist has sold me his masters as well as a few updated 3D printed parts so look for that kit this summer.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Resuming Operations

I have received some of the molds from the caster that couldn't cast anymore.  One set I received was the new Wasp/Stinger kit.  Please visit the Marketplace to see what is now available.  Again, these are cast on demand so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Raven Option Parts

I have some 3D printed option parts for the Raven.  All you have to do is sand off existing detail and glue these on.  The 3 parts for the weapons pods can be used on the left or right side...just flip them.  If you want a set with your kit, let me know. These are prints done on a Formlabs 2 resin printer and are awesome quality.  They are $15 extra.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Raven!

Several of you donated to support Battlemech Models and here is the result...the Raven!  This is the first kit produced 100% in-house...and my first attempt at casting and it turned out very, very well.  There are 10 pressure cast resin parts to this kit and several of the joints have been designed with posability in mind.  As with all my mechs it is 1/60 in scale and is a blend of the TRO design and the newer MWO design.  Full disclosure...some parts were 3D printed using a Formlabs 2 system. 

Here is a review a customer did of one of the first out of the molds!  Link! 

The cost of the kit is $120 plus shipping.  If you are interested in a copy, these are cast-on-demand and it will take about 4 weeks post-payment to get them out the door.  Please, e-mail me for an invoice.  E-mail....