Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recruiting Members

Just a reminder, we are always looking for people to join the Battlemech Club. You can join as a builder, kit creator, Club contributor, or just a fan. Also, it takes a lot of money to create and cast these kits. I can see why Armorcast had a hard time. LOL! If you are interested in seeing more kits, we welcome donation. All donators qualify for first shot at new mechs off the assembly a discount. Contact me to donate. What little extra we make off the kits is going right back into the club. Currently, we have not even broken even on the costs of rubber for the molds on the Puma. I know in many parts of the world, the economy just stinks, but I remind you that we are doing all of this out of our own pockets. Any help would be welcome. If finacial support is not possible, we gladly accept "scraps." If you have extra stuff around, be it from old navy kits, railroad kits, or especially armor and military kits we would love to give it a home. Don't throw away that extra piece or that broken kit...send it to us! We would love to help keep that stuff out of a landfill and on our mechs! Contact me if interested.
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