Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Geert's Atlas

In Geert's own words:

AS7 Atlas

Released by: Armorcast Full Resin kit
Status: Currently out of production

Build up:
The kit was build straight out of the box. Only changes made where:

• The dynamic pose, by removing the "stops" at the toes and drilling another peg hole in the knee.

• Updating the 3025-era medium arm lasers to 3050-era large lasers using a wooden dowel.

The entire model was primed with Tamiya light grey primer and pre-shaded with Valejo black. After that the different panels where sprayed in using Tamiya Flat Red (thinned to about 50 paint/50 thinner) in different passages.

Once this was done, the hard edges where accentuated with a fine pointed brush dapped in flat black, washed with diluted raw umber and dry brushed with metal color.

House Kurita decals where home made using decal paper and a laser printer with spare "3"-decals from some fighter kit.

Legs where dusted with the airbrush and launch tubes where weathered using a brush.

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