Saturday, November 28, 2009

Geert's Timberwolf

In Geert's own words...
Released by: Armorcast Full Resin kit

Status: Currently out of production
Build up:
This one received a lot of love in the build process:
• added the "aftermarket" large size LRM-20 pods
• scratch build the small laser on the left side of the torso
• plugged the MG holes in the lower torso that aren't used
• repositioning of the toes
• removing the sops in the 'knee' area to move the leg
The TWolf was my first attempt at the hairspray method. I basically started out with a primer from Alclad (light grey) and painted the entire model using Alclad II metalizers. Once these where dry I sealed it with gloss varnish and P+ (being Future in the USA). After that was allowed to cure for a few days I sprayed hairspray, sprayed the base coat of German Grey and added the 3 tone camo. Once this was allowed to dry I took some luke water and scratched the entire mech. This gives a very realistic looking weathering.

After that I weathered the entire mech with oil paints, added the custom-made Falcon Decals and sealed it with Satin sealer.

The windows where achieved with Tamiya Clear paint. I started out with Tamiya Aluminum, the a fine layer (brush painted) of Clear orange, after that, clear green, clear red, clear blue all brush painted (Between each layer wait sufficient time to allow to dry). In total it received 15 or 16 layers to achieve the high gloss finish I have now. I never sealed it with any varnish, so I think it gives a nice dimension

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