Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Original Coolness

Okay, so the month of Geert takes another side track; however, I have to share this build.  Nathan, one of our members, has been scratch building a Dark Age style mech for the better part of a year.  He forwarded some pics to me and I just have to share them.  This is an incredible build. I am really in awe of his work.  Here is the mech in his own words....

I want to say {this mech is an} assualt class. I liked the madcat Mk2 and worked off of that but with some modifications. I used shadow cat type feet and the legs are a lot like the MW4 vulture. The cockpit is a lot like a bushwhacker I think. I used parts from gundam, and the leg and ankle joints are from RoboGear’s T-Rex. That was the funny thing, I was going to make a modified RoboGear T-Rex and it turned into that. I think it came out a little pit more than I expected

Here are the spec’s I was going for.

Modified Rotary Long Tom x2
Rotary AC5 x2
Thunderbolt launchers x2
Small pulse micro lasers x2
95 to 100 tons
Speed: Cruse 65 kph, Top 85 kph

I also put a anti-missile system on it as well. The markings are from the Dark Age saga: a paladin of the Republic. I’ve been working on names, Im thinking…BlackCat.

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