Friday, March 12, 2010

Nate's Legionnaire

From Nate:

I just finished my legionnaire from joyride. Its more of toy then a model but a little modification and some paint it came out looking pretty good. The thought of modifying the mech came after I read the mechwarrior book "call to arms." It is the second book of the Dark Age saga. Anyway, after reading the book and looking at battletech wiki on the legionnaire I got an idea what I was supposed to do but I had no example on what the modified mech was going to look like. The little foot note in the wiki said that the RAC-5 got moved from the torso to the right arm and with the freed up space from getting rid of the targeting computer, it allowed for 3 medium lasers. I had fun building this mech and weathering it was fun too. Its been awhile since I used a airbrush to weather so I used that for the bulk of the blacking. The hardest thing of the build was the decals. I used individual letters to make up the markings and militia identification. It was a slow and time consuming ordeal but it came out looking better then I hoped for.


Thanks Nate!
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