Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cougar...any interest?

Scott over at the Messy Desk blog decided he was tired of the Cougar and passed it on to me to work on. I have been filling out a few details, cleaning some of the putty work, and redoing the cockpit...I think it should be a bit bigger.

I am considering having this one kitted....but before I do, I am trying to gauge serious interest. There was interest in the Puma, but sales did not really correspond with the number of people who said they wanted one.

So, how many of you would commit to purchasing a Cougar. I can tell you it would be a good casting…I have an established professional in our field doing it. I would guess-timate the price at about $80 (plus shipping) American.  The main body would take a lot of resin.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More from across the pond...Osiris!

Simon is at it again.  He has just finished a 1/60 (ish) Osiris.  It is a very nice build!  I have included some pics and more info is available at his blog.  You might even convince him to sell you a copy...I did!