Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daishi Pre-Order

UPDATE 4:  Can we do it? 5 More Pre-Orders Needed

The Daishi is a big kit therefore a lot of resin...and rubber.  As such, the pre-order cost is going to be $125.00 plus shipping.  Standard shipping is going to be $12 in the lower 48 states and $23 for overseas orders (per kit...discounted rate for multple kits).  Sorry about that but this is on par with the Armorcast Altas in regards to weight. I will have a pic of the parts break-down soon.  This will be a resin kit that stands about 9.5" tall. This picture below show it with my 1/60 scale Flea and an IWM Annihilator.

Pre-order Procedure:  Please contact me via e-mail to receive a pre-oder invoice via PayPal.  Once I get 15 paid pre-orders the kit will be sent to the caster.  It will take about a month after that to get the molds made and kits produced. I am estimating mid-December for the first round of kits. As with the Cougar pre-order, if I cannot get 15 pre-paid orders, then all those who did prepay will get their money refunded to them.  This is why I use PayPal...I hate the fees, but it protects the buyers. Also, if you pre-paid for a Cougar and pre-pay for a Daishi, you will receive a special perk.  Look for it on your invoice!

FYI:  The "bonus" for repeat pre-orders...a ~25% discount on your first kit. So, if you pre-paid for the Cougar and pre-pay for the Daishi, your first kit will cost $100 plus shipping. This price is only good during the pre-order period.  Once the kit goes into production, everyone will be charged full price.

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