Friday, November 2, 2012


Well...not a great day.  We are still trying to get finances squared away after all my surgeries and today I got least 30 days.  If anyone wants a custom build, now is the time...lord knows I have got it.


There are 6 outstanding Cougar orders. The caster assures me that the kits I ordered on October 16 are on their way...but I have not gotten a clear explanation about the wait.  They are already cast...they just need to be packed up and sent to me.


The furlough will not affect the Daishi production. When I make any money off of the previous kits, it goes into a PayPal account that is only used for the Battlemech Club productions. This way, when I do production run I can cover a significant portion of the start-up costs and cover the rest through the pre-orders. Sales after the pre-order get me back to the break-even point and if the funds go over that point, they are saved for the next kit. 

More later...
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