Friday, January 25, 2013

Victor Pre-Order

Alright everyone, I am going to start taking pre-orders for the Victor.  I will have some "finalized" pics up this weekend...its just lacking arms.  The costs is going to run about the same as the Daishi...$125 plus shipping.  Shipping to the lower 48 will be a flat $15 and a flat $20 international.  Shipping to the lower 48 will be insured as always.  Unfortunately, the USPS won't insure overseas shipments.  The other option is UPS but that shipping would run upwards of $60-$80. Once I get 15 paid pre-orders the kit will be sent to the caster. It will take about a month after that to get the molds made and kits produced. I am estimating mid-March for this round of kits. As with the previous pre-orders, if I cannot get 15 pre-paid orders, then all those who did prepay will get their money refunded to them. This is why I use PayPal...I hate the fees, but it protects the buyers.

Currently, I plan to do just this ONE RUN of Victors.  If you don't pre-order, I cannot say when, or even if, I will do another run.

Update:  If you have pre-ordered in the past and do so again, I am working to include a little something special and unique in your package.  I can't say what here, but I think it is pretty cool!

So, while we are waiting on the Daishi to be re-cast, e-mail ( me for an invoice to get the Victor pre-ordered.

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