Monday, February 25, 2013

Overseas Shipping Costs

Recently, the United States Postal Service raised their rates...however, until today I did not know how bad it would be.  Overseas shipping has been the hardest hit with rates going up as much as a 100% or more.  For example, a package to France that would have cost $15 under the old rates just cost me $30.  So, all the Daishi kits that I shipped to Austria, Belgium, Australia and Germany just cost me a lot of money.  What would have been a shipping tab of around $50 just ran well over $100...and this does not take into account boxes, packing materials, time, etc.  I am going to have the same issue with the Victor as I charged the current rate when pre-orders were done....not this new rate.  So, I will have to incur a loss shipping the Victor as well.  I am not going to ask for the difference, as that would not really be fair to you.  Be aware, future shipping outside the continental US/Canada is going to be extremely expensive...probably about $35 per kit.  I apologize but there is little I can do about this.
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