Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victor Pre-Order Closed

The Victor pre-order is officially closed as we have reached our mark of 15!  Thanks to all of those who support my efforts and those of others in the large scale B-Tech community.  The kit will go in the mail Monday...I have been doing a little more detail work on it this weekend.  Just little things that bug me...nothing major. The caster has guaranteed delivery in 60 days or less.

Next Project

Based on the Poll Results, you are interested in having the Thor produced next. I am debating between leaving it "as is" or retooling the upper legs/hips to make them more TRO-ish. I am gunning to keep this under $100. The upper body is by me...lower by Scott at the Messy Desk blog.

Since we are on a roll, I am going to post another poll to help me decide which mechs go into the production cue.

Also, in the future look for a BIG article from a builder in Europe...the Mad Mech Doctor.  Silly name but he wishes to remain anonymous.  He has been scratching a Deimos mech and has access to tools I can only dream of...and you can see it in the quality of his work.  It is incredible stuff. His "proof of concept" work will be posted soon.  There are some translations I need to clean up...and there are lots of pics.

Trek Project

I am looking at getting a piece cast to accurate the 1/1000 USS Excelsior kit.  The underside bay has long been a sticking point for builders, so I have built a replacement piece. I am thinking the piece will run about $20.  If interested, give me a I may do a pre-order on this piece too.

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