Sunday, April 21, 2013

UPDATE: The first of theVictors is here!!!!

UPDATE:  I am still waiting on box 2.  Tracking shows it sitting in the Memphis sort facility since Sunday for some reason.  Honestly, I am having more and more issues with the USPS lately. They rarely have supplies on-site and their shipping processes are whacked.  I shipped a package recently and it took several weeks via priority mail to get to South Carolina from Tennessee.  I could get no explanation.  Another was not delivered as the postal carrier could not determine if the addy as written was 816 or 616. It took almost a month for that one to get back to me. Geez....

Alright, the caster sent the Victors in two boxes and one arrived yesterday.  The other box should be here by Tuesday.  As always, I ship in the order people paid so those that paid in January (damn ya'll are patient) will get theirs first.

If the box gets here Monday, I will try to get them packed and ready.  If it gets here Tuesday, then kits won't go out until Friday.  Tuesday I will be at the hospital all day (the cancer thing...annual checks) and Wednesday & Thursday I teach classes all day.

That being said, as always I thank you for your patience.  The caster assures me that if I do another kit with him he will be faster next time.  He was overwhelmed with orders as Wonderfest is in May.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, the pieces look AWESOME!

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