Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Frustrations

Some time ago, Scott and I traded mechs...a Daishi for a Kodiak.  The casting he sent was a rough one, but hey...its a Kodiak.  I have been trying to fill all the airbubbles and decided a quick shot with primer would help find them.  That's when I discovered that the resin Scott had is probably a bad batch.  Every piece I primed is bleeding...oozing resin oils.  This is because the resin is bad or it was not mixed right.  Now, as he made the parts at different times I find it hard to believe that he poorly mixed every single batch.  More likely, the resin is funky...which happens.  It saddens me greatly as the Kodi is one of my favorite mechs...and now I am going to have go consign mine to the scrap pile.

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