Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Kit Announcement: Deimos

UPDATE: The first round of castings has been spoken for and invoices sent out.  I will post here when we have more available.

Good day everyone!  Let me ask, what would you pay for a 1/60 scale Deimos?  You may have seen in other posts that our friend overseas, the Mad 'Mech Doctor (aka Dr. Banzai) has created a 1/60 scale Deimos. I received a copy last week and I am in awe.  This kit blows away my kits and even the older Armorcast stuff.  Granted, if I had a degree in engineering and the workshop MMD has, I could do stuff like this to...but I don't and he does. 

Anyway, I have convinced him to offer up a few to the Battlemech Club community.  This will be a very limited release.  At this point, I have convinced him to cast up 10.

Pricing:  $125.00 covers the kit and shipping from overseas.

So, who is in?  For details, feel free to contact me directly.

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