Monday, September 2, 2013

Just an Update

Hi Everyone....finally caught the virus that my son then my wife had.  I sat down to work on models yesterday and pretty much stared at the kits for a few hours and drooled on myself.  Bleh!

Site note:  I am going to try to create more pages (links to right) to make it easier to find things on the site.

Like Scott, I need to take more pics to document my builds.  The Calliope is coming along nicely although I think it may be too big to effectively cast/sell.  I am also working on the Madcat MK. II which is progressing nicely. That rounded nose is a pain, but it's worth the work.  As always, I like to make little mods along the way.

I am also modding a Victor to make it look more burly and aggressive. I have modded the top of the torso so that rather than being flat it is arched to the same contour as the shoulders so the head looks a bit recessed (i.e. the MWO Victor).  I am also reworking the legs to give it a more dynamic pose...and I think I will make the Gauss rifle bigger.

I am still dealing with fall out from the last caster.  When they send the kits, they come in a bag with all the pieces for one kit.  I just assumed they were all correct.  However, many who bought the Cougar ended up with either two left legs or two right legs.  That line is closed, and as customers find these issues, I am having to "rebuild" legs for them.  What a pain in my ass....but that's what I get for not checking.

What else....oh, I took on a commission build.  A customer wants a factory fresh Smoke Jaguar Daishi.  The Smoke Jag paint job should be a challenge.  I did get work done on that yesterday...sanding down pour stubs, cleaning, first layer of putty. That reminds me....time for a "what the hell" type of poll.

Oh, and the next kit will be the Flea.  No doubt there.  As soon as the Vulture is done, I will get a pre-order started.

Now, I need to go blow my nose....
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