Friday, October 11, 2013

Update: Flea et al

The Flea pre-order has had no real movement for a while, so that is closed.  Unless you have made arrangements with me, all Flea sales will be at the normal retail price.

The Daishi commission is done.  If you are interested in commissioning a mech, now is your chance.  I only like to do one at a time these days...with family and work that is about all I can make time for.

I got a Raven and Commando from Simon over in England.   The detail is extraordinary!  If 3d printing were not so damn expensive, I might look into having detail pieces printed then cast.  My only complaint is scale.  He used the PGI MWO scales...and using their scale the Commando is...tiny.  Detailed and well cast, but just small. 

Any-who...since I am between commissions, I hope to make some serious progress on the Madcat Mk II.  The torso is roughed out, the leg master has been made and molded/cast.  I should have it to a point where I am comfortable posting some pics.

Until then...
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