Friday, October 4, 2013


I did something and have aggravated a nerve that runs from the neck through the shoulder and down my arm.  It hurts like hell and has limited my functionality. When I try to lift my arm or turn my head, I get a shooting pain from neck to shoulder to elbow to finger. Kinda sucks...

The Flea pre-order is still open.  I am hoping to get a few more before closing it out.  The master has gone to the caster.

All the Vulture kits are out the door.  The international orders went out today.  There is a page link to the right that takes you to a quick build of the Vulture and addresses a few issues I discovered when I built mine. As always, there are subtle shifts that occur between molding and casting. It may have taken 4 months, but I think it is worth the wait. I hope you do too.

If anyone out there has pics of their builds of my kits, I would appreciate seeing them and posting them on the blog.  As always, thanks for all your support.
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