Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Annihilator pre-orders are coming in at a trickle. So far just 3 paid and 1 waiting to get a paycheck.  I will run this pre-order through December 13.  If there are not enough paid orders, refunds will go out and I will ponder the next kit.

On another note...am I being left in the past?  It seems those of us who make these kits are moving to 3D printing.  All of the Reverse Disabled products are 3D printed....Scott's Urbie and Vulcan are 3D prints...and I am still toiling away with a knife and plastic.  I can see the beauty of getting a difficult or detailed piece printed, but I like making my mechs by hand...and I have no clue how to use the 3d programs and I am not inclined to learn.  Makes me wonder if I am going to end up out of business because I can't keep up with the times.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Fleas and Annihilators (the Dragoons would be proud)

The Flea kits came in this week and today I shipped all paid pre-orders...domestic and international.  This weekend I will get some build notes published, but this kit is the most straight forward yet. I will also get some pics up.

Next Kit:  Since the Madcat Mk II will not be available anytime soon, I am planning on kitting the Annihilator.  I am also working with David White to get a LARGE print of his Annihilator drawing signed.  All who pre-order will be put in a drawing for the signed print. Look for more info in the coming week once I get a casting estimate from JPG.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Always Something....

So, the Fleas are supposed to be finished up this week.   Still not the 4 week turn around I was gunning for, but if it is the quality of the Vulture I can wait.   There are about 4 Vultures left and after they are gone, they are gone.  The large molds are not pulling decent casts and I am not paying for more molds.  Once these are gone, the Vulture line will be closed. 

I have been asked why I "close lines." Each run is 30-40 kits depending on how long the molds hold. Usually, those who want them will buy them in the first run.  If I make another run (like I did with the Puma/Adder) I will end up with stock that takes a year or more to move.  That is money that could gone into producing a different kit. So, once the first round of molds breaks down, the line closes.

Progress on other builds:  NONE.  My son brought home a Parvovirus from school a couple weeks ago.  My wife and I have both contracted it.  What does that mean?  Well, in adults it manifests as joint pain...severe joint pain...and some fatigue that can last for weeks or even months.  I can't hold a hobby knife, sanding stick, paint brush, etc. without my hands aching.  I had Friday, Monday and Tuesday set a side to work kits/commissions but have gotten absolutely nothing done.  Sorry about that.

BTW, any thoughts on the Avatar Omnimech?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Geert has purchased almost every mech I have produced.  He has been working on his Vulture MK II.  Here is what he has to say...

One thing that I feel is a shame is the static look by building it out of the box, so I tried to reposition the legs according to the opening cinematic of the MW4 game. At the certain point the Vulture enters the courttard and surveys the onslaught, the pilot squads the mech and starts hammering away on the enemie mechs. I tried to get that stance by cutting of the upper leg connectors and reposition the connectors.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quick Update

I know, I know...three weeks without an update is an eternity for me.  So, here are some things that are going on here in the shop (the spare room upstairs):

1.  The Madcat Mk. II has stalled.  I think I have builders block or something.  I did create some kicking toes for this thing.  It was originally going to be a one-off but there has been a lot of interest in this as a kit so I am having to go back and re-engineer some parts to make it casting friendly.  I hate re-doing work...hate it I say.

2.  The Vulture MK. II has been well received.  Here is a link to one lads build over at MWO: 

3.  I cannot post at MWO anymore.  I don't have a system that will adequately push the game and unless you are an active player, you can't post in the forums.  Fine...f*ck you, too.

4.  JPG is working furiously on the Flea.  He said the first 20 kits should be shipping out in the next couple weeks. 

5.  I am still debating on the next kit.  The Nova Cat is a favorite, but that would take a lot of re-engineering to make it castable.  Maybe the Thor?  The Annihilator? The Masakari?  Maybe get the Madcat MK II finished?

6.  I am staring a new commission.  The customer that commissioned the Daishi scored a Mad Cat on eBay and wants it built.  This should be fun.

More later....