Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Annihilator pre-orders are coming in at a trickle. So far just 3 paid and 1 waiting to get a paycheck.  I will run this pre-order through December 13.  If there are not enough paid orders, refunds will go out and I will ponder the next kit.

On another note...am I being left in the past?  It seems those of us who make these kits are moving to 3D printing.  All of the Reverse Disabled products are 3D printed....Scott's Urbie and Vulcan are 3D prints...and I am still toiling away with a knife and plastic.  I can see the beauty of getting a difficult or detailed piece printed, but I like making my mechs by hand...and I have no clue how to use the 3d programs and I am not inclined to learn.  Makes me wonder if I am going to end up out of business because I can't keep up with the times.

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