Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Post of 2013 and Next Kit Announcement

Another year has come and gone.  I have to say that 2013 was a bit better than 2012.  There are some lingering medical issues from the surgeries, but nothing that one can't work through. Work is still up and down.  One term, 40 hours a week...the next...6 hours a week.  Now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act no one is going to get more than 28 hours or so a week...or so I am told.  Way to go, Mr. President....frickin' chuckle head.

Enough of that personal garbonza.  You are not here for that, you are here to read about mechs. Where did 2013 take us? 

1.  We finally got the Daishi produced.  What a fiasco that was...but we are all happy with it.  Speaking of which, I am sitting on about 5 Daishi torsos....wonder what to do with those?

2.  The Victor commission saw kitting.  That one sold out as did the Daishi.

3.  The Vulture Mk II was kitted thanks to the loan from Dave and the hard work of JPG. That sold out.  

4.  The Flea was just produced.  I have about 4 of those left. If the molds can pull more, I may try for another 10.  We'll see.

5.  I did several commission pieces this year.  Most were good builds...most...
What's on the bench?  From last year, I still have a Mauler and Owens at about 80% completion.  There is a Nova at about 50%.  I have the plans done for a Crab, an Avatar, an Atlas redesign, a Catapult redesign and am about 60% done with the MekTek Dervish.

With 2014 hours away, I find myself pondering the future.  What kit will be next?  We could spend time guessing and laying hints, but I might as well announce it. The next kit will be the Mad Cat MK II.  It is almost done and I plan on doing a pre-order in a couple weeks.  About 1/3 of the way in, I decided to kit this so I built most of it with that in mind.  Most joints are basic ball and socket sets that will allow for posing.  This pre-order will probably be a bit different.  I may sell "slots"....offer 10 pre-order slots at 20%  below regular price.  Then another 5 slots at 10% below retail.  After those are paid for, all other orders will be at regular price.  A nice reward for those that jump in and help get these produced.

Stay tuned.  Pics will come soon. Happy New Year all...and thanks for making 2013 a success.
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