Monday, January 27, 2014

Daishi and Commissions

I sent the Daishi molds to JPG and he feels we can still get some relatively nice casts out of the molds, so I have dug into the wallet and ordered another 5 kits.  One is already spoken for.  If you are interested in one or know someone who is, pass this on.  There is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

EDIT:  I am going to have to treat the Daishi like a pre-order. There have been quite a few "I want one" e-mails so the first five that pay will get them.  I am not going to keep a list of who wants what and who e-mailed first.  It will take about a month or so to get these cast up so keep that in mind when ordering.

So far, I have had lots of interest in commissions but only one taker. As soon as we get the financials smoothed out, I will get started on the Crab. It should be an interesting build. Again, before requesting a commission, read the post (to the right) on Material, Time and Creativity.

Looks like the most interest is in mediums. Not surprised as that is a weight class I have not done a lot with.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Commissions, Mad Cats, and...something...Oh my!

On the Mad Cat MK II front, she is on the way to the caster.  He slotted me for February but is going to try and get busy with the molds while he finishes out another project.  I did make some mods to the cockpit are and the LRMs.  With resin kits it is easier to remove detail than add it so that was the thought process when I did this.

Old Version

New: Notice the laser barrels, the details, and added vents

Commission Work:  It looks like the Crab is going to be a go.  The Patron and I have agreed on a pricing.  Watch for some build posts on that one.   I still have some slots available as I usually work on 3-4 projects at once.  If no more commission work comes, I may build some Trek kits.  My wonderful wife got the new Starcrafts Akira kit for me.  Its been a while since I built a starship. I have had some interesting commission ideas come my way including a Battlemaster, a 1/35 scale Victor, a TRO Fafnir, a Jenner IIc, a Thunderbolt, a Bushwacker, and a Sagittaire. Who knows, maybe a Kick-Starter campaign...

The Something:  I guess a lot of people got money for Christmas as I have had a lot of inquiries about models and builds. With those inquiries come the hagglers.  You know..."I see your Flea is $60.  Will you take $25?"  or "Wow...$600 to build a Sagittaire?  I was thinking about $100." About the same time I found a Blog about this very subject and posted Thoughts on Material, Time, and Creativity.  It is worth a read to understand why artists charge what they charge. 

Other things:  Watch out for a new poll to help gauge what I do this year.

Thanks to all who supported the Mad Cat MK II pre-order.  I have never had a pre-order move this quickly.  Was it because it is a popular design or was it  the highly discounted and limited pre-order slots...or both?  Feel free to discuss...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Accepting Commission Work

Hi all...I am about finished with a Madcat commission, the Mad Cat MK II is about to go to the caster and that means I have a bit of free time while I am out of work. So, if anyone is interested in commission work, now would be the time to get it rolling. PayPal does allow for payment plans and you can use Bill Me Later.  Just saying...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pre-Order Closed

The pre-order went well.  I have never had a pre-order move this quick.  You all must really be interested in the MK II.  Thanks for the support.  I am tweaking the masters and will have them off to the caster soon...I really expected this to last for a month or so. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mad Cat MK II Pre-order: OPEN

The Mad Cat MK II is now available for pre-order.  Here is how things are going to work out....

1. The kit will go to the caster when the pre-order closes. It will take about 60 days to turn this around as he is already being hit with orders for Wonderfest.

2.  This is a pre-order.  If for some reason the production falls through, you will have your money refunded. 

3. The turn around time is an estimate.  Please do not start e-mailing at day 60 from when you paid wanting to know where your kit is. Patience, young Jedi.

4.  Pre-orders will only be accepted through the PayPal buttons on the blog.

5.  This is a LIMITED pre-order.  Once the pre-order slots are filled, all other requests will be processed at the regular price.

6.  No, I will not hold pre-orders.

7.  No odd shipping requests.

8.  Domestic shipping includes insurance.  International, please see the "Word on Shipping" Page before buying.

Regular Price:  $160.00 Plus Shipping

Pre-Order Price: $135.00 Plus shipping ($15 domestic, $25 international)

Shipping Options

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mad Cat MK II: Update

UPDATE:  All information has gone to the caster and I am waiting on a price.  Once I have that pre-orders will be available.

Here are some pics of the up coming Mad Cat MK II.  I had already built the torso when I decided this would be a kit, so that is the main part that will be hard to mold. The rest should be straight forward.  I have build the legs with ball & socket style joints so you can pin it in a static pose or you can easily position the legs for something more dynamic.  For pieces that are identical left/right I only made a single master piece (LRM, toes).  Also, I have no pics of this thing together...use your imagination.

Hip Section.  Notice the round recess on the top.  That is where the torso will plug in.

Torso.  The large flat surface facing the camera will be completely covered by the cockpit/vent piece.

Rear torso

Bottom Torso.  The round piece plugs into the hip section.

Side Torso.  Round piece is where the arm mount will plug in.


LRM Back

Upper Leg

Upper torso pieces

Assembled (and well balanced)

Arm.  You will get two barrels...Gauss and PPC

See how easily the barrel plugs in?  And, it is a tight fit.  You could skip glue and leave it interchangeable.

Round piece will plug into the part that connects this to the torso.

Lower leg and foot.  Again, notice the ball and socket.

Hip, upper leg, lower leg, foot.

Foot and master toes.  Big one to the rear, then two for the front.

And because someone will ask, here are some pics with the Vulture MK II kit to give you a sense of size.