Saturday, January 18, 2014

Commissions, Mad Cats, and...something...Oh my!

On the Mad Cat MK II front, she is on the way to the caster.  He slotted me for February but is going to try and get busy with the molds while he finishes out another project.  I did make some mods to the cockpit are and the LRMs.  With resin kits it is easier to remove detail than add it so that was the thought process when I did this.

Old Version

New: Notice the laser barrels, the details, and added vents

Commission Work:  It looks like the Crab is going to be a go.  The Patron and I have agreed on a pricing.  Watch for some build posts on that one.   I still have some slots available as I usually work on 3-4 projects at once.  If no more commission work comes, I may build some Trek kits.  My wonderful wife got the new Starcrafts Akira kit for me.  Its been a while since I built a starship. I have had some interesting commission ideas come my way including a Battlemaster, a 1/35 scale Victor, a TRO Fafnir, a Jenner IIc, a Thunderbolt, a Bushwacker, and a Sagittaire. Who knows, maybe a Kick-Starter campaign...

The Something:  I guess a lot of people got money for Christmas as I have had a lot of inquiries about models and builds. With those inquiries come the hagglers.  You know..."I see your Flea is $60.  Will you take $25?"  or "Wow...$600 to build a Sagittaire?  I was thinking about $100." About the same time I found a Blog about this very subject and posted Thoughts on Material, Time, and Creativity.  It is worth a read to understand why artists charge what they charge. 

Other things:  Watch out for a new poll to help gauge what I do this year.

Thanks to all who supported the Mad Cat MK II pre-order.  I have never had a pre-order move this quickly.  Was it because it is a popular design or was it  the highly discounted and limited pre-order slots...or both?  Feel free to discuss...
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