Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mad Cat MK II Pre-order: OPEN

The Mad Cat MK II is now available for pre-order.  Here is how things are going to work out....

1. The kit will go to the caster when the pre-order closes. It will take about 60 days to turn this around as he is already being hit with orders for Wonderfest.

2.  This is a pre-order.  If for some reason the production falls through, you will have your money refunded. 

3. The turn around time is an estimate.  Please do not start e-mailing at day 60 from when you paid wanting to know where your kit is. Patience, young Jedi.

4.  Pre-orders will only be accepted through the PayPal buttons on the blog.

5.  This is a LIMITED pre-order.  Once the pre-order slots are filled, all other requests will be processed at the regular price.

6.  No, I will not hold pre-orders.

7.  No odd shipping requests.

8.  Domestic shipping includes insurance.  International, please see the "Word on Shipping" Page before buying.

Regular Price:  $160.00 Plus Shipping

Pre-Order Price: $135.00 Plus shipping ($15 domestic, $25 international)

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