Friday, January 3, 2014

Mad Cat MK II: Update

UPDATE:  All information has gone to the caster and I am waiting on a price.  Once I have that pre-orders will be available.

Here are some pics of the up coming Mad Cat MK II.  I had already built the torso when I decided this would be a kit, so that is the main part that will be hard to mold. The rest should be straight forward.  I have build the legs with ball & socket style joints so you can pin it in a static pose or you can easily position the legs for something more dynamic.  For pieces that are identical left/right I only made a single master piece (LRM, toes).  Also, I have no pics of this thing together...use your imagination.

Hip Section.  Notice the round recess on the top.  That is where the torso will plug in.

Torso.  The large flat surface facing the camera will be completely covered by the cockpit/vent piece.

Rear torso

Bottom Torso.  The round piece plugs into the hip section.

Side Torso.  Round piece is where the arm mount will plug in.


LRM Back

Upper Leg

Upper torso pieces

Assembled (and well balanced)

Arm.  You will get two barrels...Gauss and PPC

See how easily the barrel plugs in?  And, it is a tight fit.  You could skip glue and leave it interchangeable.

Round piece will plug into the part that connects this to the torso.

Lower leg and foot.  Again, notice the ball and socket.

Hip, upper leg, lower leg, foot.

Foot and master toes.  Big one to the rear, then two for the front.

And because someone will ask, here are some pics with the Vulture MK II kit to give you a sense of size.

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