Monday, February 24, 2014

My Uzi(el) Weighs a Ton

Rock - get up - get down,
Miuzi weighs a ton!
's not it.

My Uzi Weighs a Ton - a most excellent edition to Drew Estate's Subculture Studio. This joint
project with Joya de Nicaragua is medium to full in body, and boasts a husky series of 60-ring vitolas booming with flavor. Dark and oily San Andres maduro wrappers conceal a hefty dose of Nicaraguan and Brazilian long-fillers secured by a smooth Connecticut 'Capote' binder. The smoke is hearty and rich, unveiling a deep series of bold yet balanced flavors from start to finish. Layered with complexity - earth, leather, pepper, sweetness, cocoa - the massive 60-ring frame is the ultimate vehicle to savor each of these complex intricacies throughout the slow and cool burn.
Good Cigar....but that's not it either....
Based on the original prototype of the Uziel, the 2S carries a pair of PPCs as its primary weapons for long range combat. A SRM-6 launcher provides close combat capabilities and a pair of Machine Guns provide anti-infantry capabilities. A Beagle Active Probe allows the 'Mech to detect hidden units and protects the Uziel from ambushes.

The rounded shoulders and cockpit came from Scott at the Messy Desk.  I cleaned them up a bit and am in the process of heavily modding the shoulders but it was a great jump-start.  Not pictured are the lower legs, foot/toe prototypes, and the shoulders/arms. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

And in another corner of the web...

Sam over at Myomer Dreams has posted his thoughts on the Flea and pics of his build...check it out.

Myomer Dreams......

On the Bench

For those that are in withdrawal, here is an update. It would seem there is an overwhelming interest in medium mechs.  That being said the commission work ties in well.  Here is what has been going on....

Daishi Kits:  Just got them in...the last 5. For those that pre-paid, they will ship next week (Monday is a Postal holiday).  The main body is hollow cast and the side walls are a little thinner than I would like, but there is not much I can do there...

Mad Cat MK II:  When I talked to the caster a week or so ago, he was finishing up a job and getting ready to start on the Mad Cat MK II. If you are like me, you are chomping at the bit to see some progress. I have requested pictures...but that is one area where the caster has been lacking.  Given the quality of the kits, I guess I can't complain. :)

Uziel: This one has a lot of rounded shapes and curved surfaces so I am going to try using high density PU to carve these pieces. It also looks like the various parts will lend themselves well to kit design. Additionally, Scott over at the Messy Desk started on this one a long time ago. I have acquired his parts to see if I can incorporate them into this build.  This will be the Uziel 2S version.

Bushwacker:  Just got the down payment for this commission. I will probably start it in a couple weeks.  I may take an artistic liberty or two...I am not fond of the lower legs on the mini. They seem too rounded for the rest of the design which has lots of angles.

Crab: Still in the planning stages.  I am going to have to take a little artisitic liberty with this one.  The original design seems to lack a clearly defined cockpit and the arms are horrid.

Mad Cat:  Finishing up an Armorcast Mad Cat commission.  This one took forever!  There were tons of mold lines and pin hole air bubbles. If I had to guess, I would say this one was towards the end of the molds were wearing out.  Additionally, we ordered custom decals and it took almost 2 months to get those in.  The customer wanted a "factory fresh" look, which I am not personally fond of.  It is actually hard to reign in that urge to do some weathering, shading, etc.

Let the comments begin.