Friday, March 14, 2014

Uziel Update

Okay...its not much to look at but the Uziel is coming along nicely.  I am really pushing to have this one done by the end of March about the same time I am expecting the Mad Cat MK II in.  On the main body, I just have to add either paneling or scribe panel lines. Either one will be a bitch.  The lower legs are about done...just need to add some detail.  The upper leg is roughed.  This weekend I intend to finish it, mold it and then make a left upper and right upper. 

Yes, that is the Bushwacker commission I have started.

I have made machine guns to go in the torso shoulder hole.

I made one upper arm, then molded and cast it to ensure they are identical.

The SRM is a separate piece that sits right over the torso.

The leg will be 3 separate, posable pieces with the foot and toes also separate.

Back of the torso and hip.  What's the Uziel without jumpjets?
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