Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update: Now with Pics!

All Bushwacker pre-orders have shipped and the kit is now available in the store. International ordering has become more streamlined and I can do it all on-line now.  No more hour long trips to the Post Office.  Huzzah!

Project Dervish is almost done...there are just a few tweeks to make like the missile tips and some extra detail on the head. Yesterday I finally assembled the kit and I am happy with this one. It stands about an inch or so taller than the Bushwacker and Uziel. Mass wise, it seems to fit in nicely. I will open a pre-order for it soon. I am going back to doing the pre-orders old school. If there are not enough pre-orders in the pre-order period, then the kit won't see production.

It looks wobbly, but that is a result of the balanced ball and socket ankles. 
Only one arm as the left/right arms will be interchangeable. 

Again, I did not take the time to perfectly align the ball and socket hips
I really like the way the laser with undercarriage SRM2s worked out.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Latest Kit: Bushwacker!

Made famous in the opening of Mechwarrior 3, the Bushwacker is a solid medium mech. The Bushwacker carries two Federated 5-Shot LRM-5 launchers. The LRM-5s give it the capability to give some indirect fire support as well as laying down minefields with specialized munitions. These are backed up by a BlazeFire Sweetshot ER Large Laser (nose) and an eighty millimeter Mydron Model B Autocannon/10 (arm), which give the 'Mech a powerful long range direct-fire punch. A Johnston Minigun Machine Gun is the only short range weapons carried by the 'Mech (nose).

This kit contains 14 pieces cast by Timeslip Creations.  The torso is hollow cast as the design tended to be back heavy.   

Look for these to be available in the Marketplace in the next week or so. The pics below are the prototype supplied by TimeSlip. Needless to say, the pre-order is now closed. 

And just because its cool...Jelly Fish.