Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Fundraiser

My son is having a fund seems that is all the public schools do.  They have been in class less than 2 months and they have already done the Smart Card fundraiser and now they are doing the Boosterthon Fundraiser.  Well, I have listed an Uziel on eBay starting at $50.  That is LESS than cost folks. Whatever it sells for will be donated to the Boosterthon...and proof of donation will be provided. 

If you are interested in a hugely discounted Uziel, here is the link:

Also, we did not even get close on the Dervish pre-order.  Still, I sent it into the caster anyway and will pay for the job out of pocket and try to make it up with later sales.  This is the second mech in a row I have paid for OOP and most likely the last for some time.  It will take a couple months to cast...just watch for updates. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Update and Restocks...updated...and updated

The Dervish Pre-order is putzing along. Only a handful so far. Please, check it out. This will be an awesome kit! Go order one! 

We only have 5  8 so far. If we do not hit the 15 required pre-orders by next Friday, the kit will be cancelled and all monies refunded.

There are 5 Mad Cat MK II kits available.  Check them out in the store!

I just received a package from Thor's Mechworks.  I could not resist the Awesome.  Hopefully, I can get some pics up this weekend.  Initial impressions are mixed.  Wow comes to mind first.  However, this kit is NOT for a newbie. You need some solid experience to create a nice display piece. There are lots of lines from the printing process...some voids that should be easily fixed...they are biggest issue is that some parts are pre-assebled. Now, I know there are good and positive reasons, but on some parts, it will make clean up difficult.  Still, for the price I am impressed.

The Shoulder:  There was an inordinate amount of noise regarding the Dervish shoulder...that did look like a tire.  Actually, when I looked at the bag of wooden shapes I was using...they were tires.  That issue has been rectified. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dervish Pre-Order


Alright, the Dervish is ready for the caster.  As such, it is time for the Dervish Pre-Order.  This time we are going back to the "old school" pre-orders.  To get this produced, I will require 15 paid pre-orders.  If we do not hit that mark, then the production run will be cancelled and all monies refunded.

Cost:  $100 Shipped in the lower 48 stated.  Outside the US, contact me directly for an invoice.

If you pre-ordered the Bushwacker (all 5 of you) provide me with the invoice info and you will get special pricing...$85 shipped in the lower 48 (sans insurance). This price is good for one kit.  If you order multiples, then you get one at this price and regular pricing on the others.

So, choose your option.  For the Bushwacker Pre-order discount, be sure to include your invoice info.

For all International orders outside North America, please contact me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shoulders, paints schemes, and what-not

Hi All!  My latest commissions are all about done.  The Madcat MK II went to a happy home.  I am glad the owner likes it.  The rework of the Dervish shoulder is about done so it won't look like a tire anymore...except for one persons...just saying. This week it will go to the caster for a quote then a pre-order will open.  Gonna go old school on this one. 

How many kits is that this year?  Madcat MK II, Uziel, Bushwacker, now the Dervish and hopefully the Nova.  Damn....

What is on the horizon?  Well, one member purchased the "kit choice" in the Summer Jump Start (which flopped miserably).  He wants the Nova so I am playing with that one.  Also, the same chap who commissioned the Bushy and Dervish is interested in the Vulture MK IV.  Then, the whole Vulture line will have been kitted by either Armorcast or me.  We are kicking around other ideas too.

Paint schemes...damn.  There are so many in the Battletech Universe, it is hard to pick one. I am currently playing with a variation on the Kell Hounds black and red on the Uziel.  My Mad Cat Mk II with reposed legs has a metal base coat...not sure what colors though. Maybe another winter camo with Ghost Bear markings? Davion Heavy Guards?  Another 10th Lyran to go with my Daishi?  Geez....

On the decal front...I actually got in contact with FPG via facebook.  If you want decals upscaled for your mechs, they can do it.  They NEVER replied to e-mails through their website so try looking them up on FB.

Finally, for weathering I have discovered an AWESOME product. Flory Washes. They are basically a watered down "clay."  You paint them on, then when dry wipe with a damp cloth.  If you mess up, they completely and easily wash off and you can start again. They are idiot proof and well worth the money! Check them out here....