Saturday, September 6, 2014

BMC Regiment Assemble!

First, a huge thanks to those that participated in my son's fundraiser.  He was thrilled to get the check that went in as a flat donation for his Fun Run!  You guys are great...I am humbled by the fantastic folks that surround me. 

Second...I have decided to come up with a formal paint scheme for FCY: BMC Regiment. I was inspired by Terrence Wong's build of the Vulture MK II.  His work can be seen over at MWO: Mercs.  I love the BMC & FCY decals he came up with...very military looking.  Ihave some thoughts of my own, but I wanted to open it up for ideas.  So, post your ideas, links to ideas, etc. in the comments area.  As there are so many possible units out there I have ditched the idea of offering decals for all the different houses and may just offer BMC Regiment decals & Logos.  Oh, that brings to mind that I am also kicking around ideas for a unit logo.  Feel free to submit them too!  Maybe I can come up with a special "thank you" if I adopt your idea. 

I also got a new photo cube.  I am tired of taking photos with just a flash and having detail washed out and god awful shadows. Here are my first few test shots. Since I am not using the flash I will have to play with lighting and get the tripod back out. 

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